What is Cheap Stock Photos?

Cheap stock photos have nothing to do with buying shares or investing in Wall Street. They are professionally and artistically created by photographers and artists all around the world. The creative community owes them their success in attracting customers, conveying their message, and getting more shares in social media sites. They come with the right license so buyers can use them legally. Some of the most popular shots include city skylines and buildings.

There are many stock photo websites in the market. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. There are also some that gives prices right in the middle.

  • Cheap Stock Photos. Some of the most popular cheap stock photo sites include Shutterstock, Depositphotos and Dreamstime. Compared to other stock sites, they offer less expensive pricing and plans. They offer subscriptions and images on demand, too. Determine your creative needs and choose the right plan for your project.
  • More Expensive Stock Photos. You may already have an idea which stock sites are more expensive than the others. Want to take a guess? Yes, that’s right! Getty Images and Corbis are two of the most popular stock sites that offer more elite pricing and plans. But they have lived up to their standards, too. Their collection are pristine – filled with very high quality and unique images.
  • Average Pricing. If you are looking for something in the middle, you may want to check out iStock. Purchased by Getty Images, it provides creative professionals with a cheaper alternative to the more expensive image selection of Getty. It offers flexible plans that suit every budget, so you can explore millions of high quality images at ridiculously great prices.

Many creative professionals use stock photos to jump-start their projects. Bloggers, web designers and business people alike use cheap stock photos to enhance their work. When you purchase a stock photo, you are also purchasing a license that allows you to use the images legally. There are two common types of license:

  • Royalty Free allows you to use the cheap stock photos multiple times without paying for royalties each time you use the image. But there are certain limitations with the license. You should check the terms and conditions in the license agreement to make sure you are not breaking any of them.
  • Rights Managed are generally restricted in terms of different factors such as usage, location, duration of using the image and exclusivity.

If you are not sure which license to purchase, check with your cheap stock photo site. They will help you find the best license for your creative needs and budget. Majority of companies who use cheap stock images do not have legal issues. So, you do not have to be scared. When you make a purchase or subscribe to a plan, you will have proof that you have every right to use the images within the context of the license agreement.


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